Energy Independent Low Energy Buildings in Rural Regions (Energieunabhängige Niedrigenergie-Gebäude in entlegenen Regionen)


The general objective of the projects is to promote the interchange of research and knowledge between Argentina and Bavaria with the purpose of developing a pilot experience of an efficient and energy independent building to be developed in Argentina based on energy efficiency and solar energy. The aim will be to analyze whether this may be an alternative for heat supply in rural isolated areas of the country or not. To this purpose, different dimensions of the project feasibility will be addressed: technical, economical, and environmental. It will be important also to analyze the social impact of this type of buildings in different regions. Objectives: 1) Technical issues 2) Economic issues 3) Social impact


The following issues shall be evaluated: 1) Effects of a better building insulation due to insulation plates made from biological waste (peanut shells) which are available in the surrounding of Mendoza 2) Input of solar energy 3) Waste reduction due to the reuse of bio waste due to the production of the isolation plates. 4) Consideration of the economic effects It should be evaluated whether it is possible to operate low energy buildings in rural and mountainous regions (in Argentina or northern Europe) with nearly no input of fossil energy and without grid connection. In relation to the thermal aspects, the use of thermal insulation is crucial. In rural buildings the use of thermal insulation is very unusual due to its high economic costs. A possible solution is the use of ecological low-cost materials. In this regard insulation plates from peanut shells should be evaluated, improved, and applied to buildings in Argentina. The effects on the buildings should be evaluated by measurements in laboratories and by in situ measurements at buildings. The building system will be improved by computational simulation and optimisation methods using TRNSYS. The energy supply to the building will be realized by different renewable sources as: - Solar thermal energy It will be tested whether stand alone systems could be realized using renewable energies in rural regions in Argentina. Insulation plates from biological waste will be developed and integrated in buildings.