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Project duration: 2022-10-01 - 2025-09-30

Dynamics and Adaptation of Natural Forests to Climate Change

Increased frequency of drought years with alarming forest decline is challenging forestry and society. The longevity of forest ecosystems as well as the extent and ecological diversity of forest areas hinder the attribution of causes and effects of the decline. Foresters, organisations and public are struggling for adequate reactions to the crisis. While areas left to natural forest development (NFD) have often been perceived in terms of biodiversity conservation, climate change calls for rec...

Radialwachstum Bodenvegetation Fauna Funga Klimawandel Lückendynamik Mortalität Praxistransfer Waldstruktur

Prof. Dr. Christian Zang

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Fakultät Wald und Forstwirtschaft
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