INnovative Danube Region by InnoinfrastrucurE for Smes

The overall objective is the promotion of innovation in SMEs, which represent 99.8 % of all companies and more than 70 % of all jobs in DR. The most sustainable way to strengthen the region, is thus to promote its SMEs. They are the economic and social backbone, but need support and the necessary qualification to boost their innovation capacities. The project will setup a long-lasting infrastructure to increase innovation in SMEs and implementation of promotional measures. Main Outputs and Results: a) Establishment of SME specific transnational infrastructure of innovation promotion with universities and SME promoters in DR, securing long-term operation. b) Development of 3 SME innovation clusters based on SME needs and regional strengths: Cluster studies; Guidelines; Knowledge transfer; R&D solutions for SMEs. c) Strengthened innovation potential by increased entrepreneurship and employability: Development and Implementation of advanced trainings and of dual bachelor study courses.

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