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Aufbereitung von Biertrebern für eine optimierte energetische und stoffliche Nutzung

Doktorand Severin Fleischmann
Zeitraum - 05.09.2018
Wissenschaftlich betreuende Person HSWT Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruß
Einrichtung Fakultät Bioingenieurwissenschaften
Wissenschaftlich betreuende Person (extern) Universität Kassel | Prof. Dr. sc. agr. Oliver Hensel
Because of its composition, spent grain from breweries can be counted as a key renewable resource. The previous approaches to ferment spent grain anaerobically with the aim of producing biogas are at present not economical due to the lignocellulosic components contained in the spent grain which lead to long fermentation times. Currently no other economical feasible way exists for it to have a material use. This thesis therefore deals with the task of examining a new concept to add value... mehr

Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruß

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Fakultät Bioingenieurwissenschaften
Am Hofgarten 10
85354 Freising

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