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Projektdauer: 15.01.2022 - 15.11.2024

GEOinformation educational resources for CLImate Change Management (GeoCLIC)

Climate change (CC) is a complex problem in Europe and the world. Extreme weather conditions that cause wild forest fire, drought, flooding, etc. have caused billions and human lives. These events seriously impact the environment, rural...

smart agriculture climate change digital repositories Klimawandel remote sensing

Projektdauer: 15.01.2021 - 14.01.2024

Innovativer Lehrplan für intelligente Agri-Kultur durch Satelliten- und Fernerkundungsdaten in SEA-Ländern

Innovative curriculum in smart AGRIculture through SATellite and remote sensing data in SEA - AGRISAT

smart agriculture climate change Klimawandel sustainable environment

Prof. Dr. Patrick Noack

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Fakultät Landwirtschaft, Lebensmittel und Ernährung
Fakultät Landwirtschaft, Lebensmittel und Ernährung Markgrafenstraße 16
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