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Financing wind energy projects: An extended theory of planned behavior approach to explain private households’ wind energy investment intentions in Germany

Gamel, J.; Bauer, A.; Decker, T.; Menrad, K. (2022)

Renewable Energy Volume 182 (January 2022), S. 592-601.
DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2021.09.108


Socially responsible investment (SRI) is an investment strategy which complies with ethical, social, environmental or corporate governance criteria. Investments in renewable energies are commonly regarded as complying with SRI principles. This study aims to deepen the understanding of individuals' intentions to invest in wind energy. As an underlying framework the Theory of Planned Behavior's constructs attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control were used and statistically tested with an online-survey of 592 participants in 2014. Further, this theory was extended by adding the constructs consumption profile and investor profile to the framework. With the inclusion of the two additional constructs the theoretical model turns to be very suitable as it doubled the share of explained variance of behavioral intention from 25% to 50% compared to the Theory of Planned Behavior. The analysis further shows that subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, consumption profile and investor experience have statistically significant influence on investment intentions in wind energy. However, attitudes towards wind energy investments are not a significant predictor of investment intentions. We conclude that, apart from the scientific implications of our results, our findings have practical applications for the conceptual design of wind energy investments.


Verbraucherreaktionen bei Plastik und dessen Vermei-dungsmöglichkeiten am Point of Sale (VerPlaPoS)

Decker, T.; Lippl, M.; Albrecht, S.; Bauer, K.; Drechsel, P.; Frommeyer, B....

Abschlussbericht, 177 S.


PlantGrid – Digitale Management-Unterstützungssysteme für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen in Wertschöpfungsketten von Zierpflanzen, Stauden und Schnittblumen

Menrad, K.; Haselbeck, F.; Berki-Kiss, D.; Decker, T.; Grimm, D.; Hannus, T....

Vortrag auf Statusworkshop der FuE-Projekte im BMEL-Förderschwerpunkt Gartenbau 4.0. 4.-5.5.2021 (digitale Konferenz).

A comparative analysis of house owners in need of energy efficiency measures but with different intentions

Baumhof, R.; Decker, T.; Menrad, K. (2019)

Energies 12, 2267 (12), S. 1-19.
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Open Access

Factors influencing citizens‘ acceptance and non-acceptance of wind energy in Germany

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About rebound- and spillover-effects: A two-step model for analysing influencing factors on environmental behaviour

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A qualitative analysis to understand the acceptance of wind energy in Bavaria

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Which factors influence biogas investments of Ukrainian agroholdings? An empirical study of large-scale farms in Ukraine

Romets, D.; Decker, T.; Menrad, K. (2016)

Vortrag auf 155. EAAE-Seminar "European Agriculture towards 2030. Per-spectives for further East-West Integration", 19.-21. September 2016 in Kiew (Ukraine).

Adoption of green electricity by German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – a qualitative analysis

Rahbauer, S.; Menapace, L.; Menrad, K.; Decker, T. (2016)

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Purchase of green electricity by small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany

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Is it really all about the return on investment? Exploring private wind energy investors' preferences

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Open Access

House owners‘ perceptions and factors influencing their choice of specific heating systems in Germans

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Alternative fuel vehicles - Preferences, attitudes and motives of German students in the field of mobility

Bauer, R.; Menrad, K.; Decker, T. (2014)

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Verkaufsbereitschaft von Landwirten für Stroh in Bayern

Gaus, C.; Menrad, K.; Decker, T. (2014)

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Consumer-relevant Information about Bioplastics

Kainz, U.; Zapilko, M.; Decker, T.; Menrad, K. (2013)

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Resource Efficiency in Interorganizational Networks - ResEff 2013 -, Göttingen, S. 391-402.


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