Intelligent Cooperation to Innovate and Diversify African Food Systems

H2020-SFS-2016-2017 second stage RIA Proposal no 727675-2 Prof. Faße ist WP4 Leader mit 18 Mannmonaten (Monat 1-48) Deliverables: 19 in WP4, davon 5 von HSWT The project intends to analyze the limitations to innovation processes in agriculture and nutrition and to develop solutions on how to support innovation processes in the future. We postulate that different innovation processes have many characteristics an limitations in common, but at the same time there are very specific limitations to specific innovations, particularly in relation to diverse requires a diversity of innovation processes and innovation systems for food and nutition security and sustainable agriculture in Africa (FNSSA). Therefore, the main areas of the project will be: - Innovation systems analysis and development, including capacity development - Prototyping innovations on resilient food and nutition chains




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